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Welcome to the Official Website 
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Dr. Tarik Mesli 

Executive Director

Universal Nindo Institute Limited, Nindo


Let me present myself briefly. My background is eclectic,  I am an anthropologist, French teacher, martial arts instructor, coach and consultant. I could be described as a scientist, a counsellor and an energetic martial arts practitioner all rolled into one:

- First, as a scientist trained in the sciences of sports education and performance in their biological, psychological and societal aspects; a scientist also trained in the human and social sciences (psychology, anthropology and sociology) as well as in language sciences (didactics, linguistics).

- Second, as a master-instructor practitioner of energetic, cultural and sporting martial arts.

- Then, as a advisor hold some innate intuitive and magnetism faculties as well as for the perception of hidden phenomena. Which led me to strive to understand the mysteries of the universe. I have been initiated into various Western and Eastern esoteric, spiritual and ritual traditions as an independent practitioner-researcher and academic ethnologist.

As a qualified and experienced professional, I guide you on your life path, towards your development and full realizationMy support is both intuitive and rational, tailor-made, caring and respectful of your current needs and your life journey. My holistic coaching allows you to reactivate your innate potential to fully embody who you are, with complete confidence, serenity and autonomy. 

If you would like support or advice whether in the effective learning of the French Foreign Modern Language, or for your professional/personal or still sporting life goals, or would like to learn self-mastery in the martial arts in the full sense and all its aspects. In this case, if you feel that I am the right person to support you, take the time to visit my site and discover all of my services.

I work regularly both in town in Hong Kong and online and occasionally move to France and other countries on request for seminars and training. 

My personalized program will help you achieve your goals with the help of my advice. I strive to embody the alchemical union of fire energy (phoenix) and water (dragon) to mention my motto in Nindo: embody the force (yang) and the wisdom (yin) of the universe.



Dr Tarik Mesli, founder of Modern Martial Art Nindo (the Way of Ninjutsu)

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