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  • Universal Nindo Institute focuses on services on martial arts education, holistic coaching, French language tutoring, and advice on the anthropology of bodily consciousness. We provide customers, individuals or groups, certain services to help them achieve performance goals using physical, mental and spiritual potential. According to our expertise, the needs and situations, Dr Tarik Mesli act as a teacher, coach, consultant or instructor to focus on the implementation of all his expertise such as anthropological skills applied to bodily techniques, martial arts training, didactics of French linguistic strategies and holistic coaching.

  • FRENCH LANGUAGE TUTORING*: French courses, training and workshops for adults, teenagers and kids (individuals and small groups)

  • MARTIAL ARTS EDUCATION: Martial arts classes for youth education (teenagers and kids); for adults' self-defence and well-being, health, internal energy, and body alchemy.

  • HOLISTIC COACHING: Body-Mind-Spirit  coaching for personal issues and sports performances for adults (Individual & Team)

  • ANTHROPOLOGY APPLIED TO BODY AWARENESS: Anthropological consultation in cosmo-energy mediation (guidance, transmission, care and harmonization of body-soul-spirit). 

Tour Eiffel Paris

Learn the French Language and Culture 

With a French native Teacher/Lecturer/Tutor (Graduated with a Master's, BA Hons.), strongly experienced in the French language and culture for all public: adults, teens, and children.

With over 10 years of experience in teaching French, our teacher additionally teaches out of the company as a qualified Lecturer in French at the university level and at the secondary level as well as in a variety of settings and curriculums (IBDP, UK A-Level, IGCSE, French DELF/DALF).

*Kindly note that we provide French courses to less than 8 persons at any one time and less than 20 persons on a day.  Therefore, please be aware that when you book a French course with tutoring, you risk being placed on a waiting list as Dr Tarik Mesli is the sole teacher.

Languages of instruction : English and French languages available.

Pose de Karaté


Learn External, Internal and Holistic Martial Arts

The teacher's background could be shown firstly as an experienced Martial Arts Instructor black-belt 5th dan FFKDA (WKF) and 6th dan DNBKID Japan. He is a qualified Professional Coach who graduated from the Ministry of Youth, Education and Sports (France). He teaches the Nindo as a modern form of martial art ninjutsu with physical, mental and spiritual techniques. 

Languages of instruction : Body language, English and French languages available.

Holistic coaching


Personal and sports performance development

Whatever the field of coaching, personal development or mental performance in sports, our teacher is a qualified master coach in international organizational management sciences for sports business administration, as well as sports performance coaching. In addition, he coaches people through his method based on Nindo® with a holistic approach, that is to say with an anthropological perspective (physical, mental and spiritual). Moreover, his knowledge and skills accumulated in human sciences, martial arts sciences, hypnotherapy and linguistics sciences provide him with a solid coaching approach and a clear vision of the purpose of bodily, mental and linguistic coaching necessary for the development of performance in any personal and social purposes.

Languages of instruction : English and French languages available.

spirit guidance and protection


Consultancy in cosmoenergy mediation

In addition to a coaching approach in mind-body harmony techniques, martial arts and spiritual refinement, our teacher can give you personal spiritual advice and energetic healing to help you better understand your mind-body balance and harmony throughout the process of body awareness. In other words, it uses a practical human science or anthropology containing both bodily and spiritual knowledge and skills from Eastern and Western cultures.

Languages of instruction : English and French languages  available.

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