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Dr Tarik Mesli Nindo Ascetism Meditation
I am committed to your success to show you your own life path,
and who you are at first to take it back into your own hands !
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Regardless of my areas of expertise: Holistic Coach, French Language Tutor, Martial Arts Instructor or Consultant Anthropologist of, body consciousness, when you receive information from me through coaching, teaching, training or consulting, this is where I come in, to help you throughout the learning and initiation process.
Throughout my career, I have helped my clients achieve their various goals and discover their potential. You want to “achieve a goal”, “bounce back after a failure”, “deal with a lack of self-confidence”, or even “deal with an event that is difficult to manage”. I can help you with my balanced expertise that is both scientific and intuitive to coach, teach, transmit, and advise you depending on the situation.


To find out more about me see below.

Education & Expertise

Consultant Anthropologist of Body Consciousness 

  • Doctorate (PhD) of Anthropology, (Scientific Study of Human Beings) at Graduate School of Social Sciences, Arts, Humanities and Letters. Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France (2006-2011)

  • Associate Researcher at Clinical, Cognitive and Social Anthropology and Psychology Laboratory - (LAPCOS, Nice-Sophia Antipolis University, France, 2012-2016). 

  • Associate Researcher, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan Fellowship Laureat 2013, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan, 2013-2014)

  • Associate Researcher, French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC, Hong Kong & Taipei, 2015-2021). 

  • Certificate of initiation Practitioner-Teacher System of Ancient Egyptian Healing, Manuella Coaching (France, 2021).

  • Certificate of initiation Practitioner-Teacher of energy healing technique Lahochi, Manuella Coaching (France, 2021).

  • Certificate of Practitioner in Ericksonian, Regressive and Spiritual Hypnosis - Institute Neolys (France, 2022)

  • Anthropologist-Practitioner in bodily and cosmoenergic techniques at Universal Nindo Institute Ltd., Hong Kong (2024-present)

Teacher of French Language and Culture 

  • Master’s degree (MA) of Science in Languages Education, Teaching/Learning French as a Foreign/ Second Language in a plurilingual context. Aix-Marseille University, Faculty of Letters, Arts, Humanities and Languages/Department of Linguistics (France, 2019-2020)

  • Bachelor Honours degree (BA Hons.) or maitrise of Science in Languages Education, Teaching/ Learning French as a Foreign/Second Language, Grenoble-Stendahl University, Faculty of Letters, Arts, Humanities and  Languages, Department of Linguistics (France, 2015-2016)

  • University Degree in Chinese Language and Civilization. Nice Sophia-Antipolis University, Faculty of Letters, Humanities, Arts, Languages and Social Sciences /Department of Oriental Language (France, 2007-2010.

  • Certified French Examiner DELF/DALF (CECR Levels A1, B1, B2, C1). Certified IBDP (SL and TOK) French Subject Teacher.

  • Experienced French Oral Examiner HKEAA for A/AS Level and HKDSE 

  • Lecturer in French Language and Civilization, French Center, National Taiwan University, Taipei (Taiwan, 2013-2014).

  • Teacher of French in local high school (PLKNPL) and Director of the French Department (Hong Kong, 2016-2020).

  • Teacher of French at the International High School (Invictus International School) and Director of the French Department (Hong Kong, 2021-2023).

  • Lecturer in French Language and Civilization, The University of Hong Kong, School of Professional and Continuing Education (Hong Kong, 2016-2021).

  • Lecturer in French Language and Civilization, The University of Hong Kong, School of Modern Language and Culture (Hong Kong, 2023-present).

  • Lecturer in French Language and Civilization, The University of Wollongong, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, UOWCHK (Hong Kong, 2021-present).

Martial Arts  Instructor 

Dr Tarik Mesli Nindo Martial Art
  • Master founder of martial art Nindo (the way of Ninjutsu).

  • Former direct student of Grand-Master Ninja Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, Bujinkan Honbu Dojo (Japan).

  • Black-belt 5th dan Ninjutsu and Karate-jutsu (FFKDA, France, 2017).

  • Medal of youth, sports and community involvement for services dedicated to youth, sports and the General Community (Distinction of the French Government, 2012). 

  • Superior State diploma youth, popular education and sport (DESJEPS)- Ministry of Youth, Popular Education and Sports (France, 2009).

  • State Certified Sports Instructor  (BEES), level 2 (Bachelor), France, (2009). French government certificate for sport coaches and martial arts. 

  • Black-Belt 6th dan Jujutsu - DNBKID, Japan, 2008).

  • State diploma of the youth, popular education and sport (DEJEPS) - Ministry of Youth, Popular Education and Sports (France, 2008).

  • Black-belt 9th dan Budotaijutsu Japanese Bujinkan martial arts ninja - Bujinkan Honbu Dojo (Japan, 2000).

  • State Certified Sports Instructor (BEES), level 1 (baccalaureate level), France (1995). French government certificate for sport coaches. Teaching qualifications in external and internal Chinese martial arts (Qigong, Taijiquan and Kung-Fu), Japanese  martial arts (Karate) and Korean martial arts (Taekwondo).

  • Black-belt 1st dan Kung-fu, Qigong Taijiquan - FFKDA (France,1994).

  • Master-Instructor (Shidoshi) and black-belt 5th dan of Ninpo, Ninjutsu, and Budotaijutsu Japanese martial arts ninja - Bujinkan Honbu Dojo (Japan, 1991).

  • Black-belt 2th dan Ninjutsu Japan, martial arts ninja - Bujinkan Honbu Dojo (1989).

Dr Tarik Mesli Ninjutsu Sword

I am a qualified Anthropologist in the academic fieldwork of body-mind techniques, rites, and symbols in martial arts, sports and initiatory ritual traditions as well. I have extended experience over 15 years as a researcher, teacher and lecturer in Anthropology, Ethnology, and Sociology at various universities and research centers in France, Taiwan and China. I have published several scientific research papers and communicated my knowledge in various universities conferences and symposiums around the world. 


After having been an academic and applied anthropologist, today as a practicing anthropologist, I put my knowledge and my skills to work on important significant in a wide variety of different contexts linked to the object of perception of the research and incorporation of a subtle energy (chi / ki / prana) also known as cosmoenergy; and the transmission and practice of cultural body techniques as well as martial arts and practices linked to  esotericism.

I offer tailor-made consultancy and coaching services applied to the harmonious development of human performance by an anthropological approach as a human science in universal perspective and the respect for cultural diversity. For this, I operate a holistic coaching strategy based on the anthropology of body techniques and depending on the needs and situations, either advice as a consultant, guide as a coach or even teach as an instructor aiming at one goal: 

- How can we embody our whole tri-unity human being (body-mind-spirit) in bodily movement, mental language and spiritual insight using the full potential of our divine human energy to execute our life purpose or resolve a problem of life?

I also strive to explore the near future of the new human to come, through the insight of the human body-soul as a parcel of the Great Spirit of the Universe manifested in everyone. In other words, I use both scientific and intuitive approaches to better understand new knowledge for a new civilization to build from an anthropological perspective as the scientific study of humanity, concerned with human behaviour, human biology, cultures, societies, and linguistics, both in the present and the past. 

As a qualified French teacher in a variety of contexts and programs (IBDP, UK A/AS-level and IGCSE, DELF/DALF), I taught French since 2013 over 10 years ago. I am a Graduate Master French teacher. 

I was a Head of the French Department in various local and international secondary schools in Hong Kong which offer renowned British international programs including IGCSE, international A/AS levels (Cambridge International School) and/or local programs such as HKDSE French (Cat.C). 

Therefore, I have extensive experience in preparing secondary students for the IBDP (SL), IGCSE CIE, and HKDSE (cat. C French). My students got the highest grades (A* or A) in different curricula. 

Besides, I am teaching the higher education level as a Lecturer in French Language and Culture at various Universities and Post-secondary Colleges in Hong Kong (HKU, HKUSPACE, UOWCHK, TWCHK). 

My interdisciplinary background as an Anthropologist and Linguist brings into my educational approach a sharp vision of what the purpose of the international program in French foreign language culture means for students. 

In addition, I am an Examiner certified by the French Ministry of Education for French language certifications such as the DELF/DALF (CECR Levels A1, B1, B2, C1).  Furthermore, I have high expertise assessments for French-language certifications in Hong Kong as a French Oral Examiner appointed by HKEAA for the HKDSE (Cat. C – CIE GCE-AS Level) and the IGCSE CIE, and Edexcel as well. 

I am a dedicated experienced teacher and tutor of the French language. My vision and goal is to help students in Hong Kong and from around the world be successful. I achieve this by applying my knowledge and expertise of exams, working with past papers and mock exams and remaining up-to-date with the requirements from the relevant exam boards and schools.

I know what it takes to get high scores because I teach my students what need to know and the pitfalls they need to avoid. 

I teach in Hong Kong (Face-to-Face and Online): oral expression, pronunciation, and grammar. Personalized training and teaching for academic, exam purposes or specific purposes (corporate, tourism, culture, travel).

I was born under the Chinese astrological sign of the Wood Dragon. I am first of all a French expert in martial arts. In 1972, following the media legend of Bruce Lee like many children and adolescents of my generation in the Marseille region, I began to be interested in training in martial arts such as Judo, Karate, Aikido, Aido and Kung Fu. Then, at 20 in 1984-1985, I rehearsed the French military combat method during my Commando military service in Lyon (France). After that, I did advanced training in Karate, Full Contact, Boxing, Muay Thai and Kick Boxing. In 1987, while continuing the practice of Shotokan Karate, I started Ninjutsu (the art of Ninja) in Paris with Sylvain Guintard and Katori Shinto-Ryu style Iaido with Michel Coquet. Then, in 1988/89 I spent an academic year in Japan, becoming a direct student of Dr. Hatsumi Masaaki and his Shihan students who introduced me to real ninjutsu! I was one of the rare first French students of Bujinkan France to have gone to Japan alone to follow the direct teachings of Master Hatsumi. After one year of complete master class training (1988/89), in November 1989, I opened my first ninjutsu club in Nice and began my teaching career. Then, I travel regularly to Japan for 25 years several months a year to improve my skills in Ninjutsu with master Hatsumi and his Shihan and I take the opportunity to practice other Japanese martial arts. At the same time, I study Japanese language and culture. I also experiment with an ethnological approach in isolated mountainous regions of Japan various esoteric practices and asceticisms of Buddhism, Shintoism and Shugendo linked to the history of esoteric Ninjutsu to better understand their meaning. So I meet masters, shamans and hermits, Buddhist or Shinto monks who are learning and explaining their approaches to me. In the 1990s, it was still possible to have these kinds of mystical encounters. I have visited almost all of Japan's sacred sites and historic Ninjutsu places. I quickly deduce that modern Ninjutsu, like most other martial arts, has little or nothing in common with all this folklore. Any modernization implies a rationalization of beliefs and religions and it is so much better that true science without any prejudice invests in these areas to raise awareness and better consciousness. It is in this perspective that I place myself as a researcher of truth even if I am aware that we rarely achieve it.

Today, I found the Nindo concept as a method and technique of modern martial arts based on my deep experiences as a practitioner, teacher, and researcher of body-mind techniques in martial arts especially in the art of the Ninja. I was taught and given lectures on martial arts as the subject of research and teaching in diverse universities around the world (France, Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong). I am the author of several research papers in scientific peers’ reviews. My doctoral thesis book on the evolution of Japanese Ninjutsu as an ancient Chinese martial art (University of Nice, France) was published in 2011 in France. At the start of the development of Nindo in the year 2000 in France, I founded first my style of Ninjutsu called Nindo-kan in 2005, then refinement my knowledge during my doctoral thesis research book on the evolution of Ninjutsu from 2006 to 2011. Finally, the official launch was in 2024 in Hong Kong with my private school called "Universal Nindo Institute Ltd". Thus, I propose to coach you in my courses with my anthropological vision of the Nindo "tree" which finds its roots and scientific trunk in the Ninpo which expressed itself and still expresses itself in the artistic and technical richness of the "branches, flowers" or styles of Ninjutsu. From ancient China through medieval Japan then through the contemporary West including France and finally returning to China via Hong Kong in our era of postmodernity, it is an entire spiritual and martial or mystical and scientific tradition that is transmitted secretly through hermeticism. Note that although Nindo is universal as a substantial form and not limited by cultural names, before arriving in modern France and Western countries, the ninja art came from modern Japan and formed during medieval history well known as Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. It therefore comes fundamentally from the esoteric and military knowledge of ancient China. According to ancient Chinese and Japanese texts, Nindo (although not named) is revered as the path of perseverance created by the unity of the will energy of the sword and the compassion energy of the heart to become a mysterious human being well known in history as the Ninja or Shinobi (the spy).


As a teacher of modern Nindo, I agree to reunify my part of darkness (yin) and luminosity (yang) to become ONE and express all my primordial divine essence. This is the goal of the true Ninja of the 21st century that I am aiming for. It breaks with the medieval and modern Ninja spy and reconnects with the Ninja as a new persevering or resilient human. In our Aquarian Age, the new Ninja or Nindoka will have to be victorious through the forces of spirit over our dark part. This new ability to channel the spirit into the body in every movement thought and word exists within each of us as the basic cosmic energy to transform us. Learning to work with this puts us firmly on the path to self-awareness and personal growth. Today, you will discover the spirit of combat through body techniques with accessory weapons (stick, chain, rope, etc.), and in addition, you will be trained in anthropological techniques of body perception to strengthen your mastery in situ. I will guide you to learn to use body-mind skills harmoniously according to your goal of well-being or self-confidence in managing the training fight whatever your level and potential.

As aforementioned, I propose a wide range of martial arts courses : 
- Nindo as a modern form of martial art ninjutsu for self-defence, sport, art education, or health purposes.

- Nindo as holistic coaching method for energy potential development purposes.
- Other Chinese internal martial arts and body techniques I learnt such as Taijiquan for wellbeing (style Zheng Man Qing), and Qi-Gong.

Universal Nindo Institute Ltd


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